With two very close friends getting married in the next few months, there has been a lot of wedding talk in my friendship circle. A lot of planning and prep goes in to making these wonderful celebrations what they are, and I find it hard not to think about what I would love and hate to have at my own wedding, were I ever to get married.

While sipping champagne in a room full of twinkling white gowns, i thought about the beauty of the covenant of marriage; the excitement of a man and a women leaving their parents and becoming one flesh. Even though I’m happy being single, there are moments when think I would like to experience a wedding day and married life.

But it reminded me of a moment I had last weekend. The church I belong to had a weekend away, and in one of the worship sessions we sang the song ‘You’re Beautiful’ by Phil Whickam. It is one of my favorites, with the most beautiful lyrics! I have sung it many times over the years but this time it was rather special.

The last verse says:

‘When we arrive at eternity’s shore, where death is just a memory and tears are no more, we’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring, your bride will come together and we’ll sing ‘You’re beautiful’.

I read over those words again, and again, and felt an excitement and a joy that brought tears to my eyes!

There is going to be a wedding feast, one day, that no wedding on earth can match. The joy and excitement that we experience on earth is but a mere glimpse of what is to come! The intimacy and beauty of two  people being joined together, is nothing compared to what it will be like when we join our Father in Heaven!

There will always be a part of a single person’s heart that longs for marriage because it is part of God’s creation and plan, but single people need not worry about ‘missing out’ or one day regretting that we were never married on earth. When those heavenly wedding bells ring and His bride comes together, every desire and longing of our hearts will be fulfilled in our unity with Christ.

So, of course we will desire marriage. But let us never forget that marriage, as we experience it on earth, is pointing to something far greater, a unity and intimacy in the relationship that we were actually created for…

The day when we meet our true Bride-groom face-to-face.



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