Think! Ask! Know!

Anyone in the world can tell you what they don’t believe in. Fewer people can tell you what they DO believe in. Very few can tell you WHY they choose to believe or not believe what they do.

Who are you? What is your purpose? What is life about? Why do bad things happen? What is the secret to having a successful life?
One of my favourite websites called Soul Pancake recently posted this question on their Facebook Page: “What are some of life’s questions you have always wondered about but never got an answer to?” The readers’ comments made me sad, not because they have these questions, but because they don’t seem to be looking for an answer. There are some serious questions in there, and i can’t help thinking to myself “surely if you’re truly plagued by this question, you will find an answer?” Because for ever serious question, there is a serious answer.

That’s the problem today though. IF people think, they don’t follow through with asking and knowing. It is as important to ask these questions as it is to get them answered… but people seem to be happy to just wonder around with these questions/worries/burdens occupying their minds and hearts, never seeking to answer them. Or, perhaps, fearful of the answers they’ll be given.

But even if you don’t have these burning questions, i urge you to know what you believe, and why, and to question it!!! Learn about absolutes. Learn about truth. Read books that are written by people who THINK, listen to podcasts or talks about people who ASK. Speak to people who don’t share your beliefs, ask yourself why you disagree, and teach these principles to your children, so that when they grow up to face challenges in school/varsity/at work, they will have answers, they will have knowledge, and they will have the kind of faith that is unshakable.

Life is too short not to know.

Lene x


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