The One Thing I Learned From Kourtney Kardashian

I know you might judge me for loving the Kardashians. Well, while you’re at it, you should know that I also enjoy Miley Cyrus’s music and believe that there definitely are things that men do better than women. 😛

There is one thing that I love about Kourtney Kardashian though, her famous tag line “‘what is this doing for my life?” I feel like this is a question I have learnt to ask myself more often, and also one that I wish people would ask themselves before they start posting all this ridiculous stuff on Facebook airing their opinion on current events, especially when it comes to our fellow earth-friend human beings.

So what if some people want to leave South Africa? So what if a boy wants to become a girl? So what if a mom wants to breastfeed her baby until he leaves for college or let him sleep in a separate room? What difference does make to our lives?

Who on earth are we to judge them on the decision they make and the battles they’re facing?  We can’t expect people to do things they way we want them done, we can’t expect people to live THEIR lives based on what WE believe, and we most certainly can’t expect a person to ‘take our advice’ if we have no relationship with them whatsoever… Even if we do know a better way, or a more helpful way.

In the Bible, it was a persons encounter with Christ that changed their lives, He was all about relationship. He was more interested in speaking to people and transforming their minds, than handing out money to people he never saw or knew. That is why He said said ‘Go! Tell!’ And not ‘Write an open letter to …’ He wants us to be an example through our actions, to love and help each other through relationship! 

Romans 12:18 
If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.

Of course it’s normal to have an opinion. It’s normal to give well-meant advice, offer insight and be available when someone needs us. But I know I need to be careful about my own motives because 9 times out of 10 no one asked me.

We need to know who we are, or who we want to be, and focus on living that, instead of getting involved in what other people are doing. 

We should really stop getting offended by someone else’s lifestyle choices as if it makes us more or less ourselves, and before we start getting sucked in to controversial gossip, stop and ask ourselves ‘what is this doing for my life’?

Thanks Kourtney K!

Love Jo x 



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