Life of pi(ous singlness).

Every time I come across an article named ‘How To Be Successfully Single’ (or something along those lines) i have to laugh. I agree that there are ways to make single life ‘better’, just like there are ways to make a marriage ‘better’, but let me just put one thing out there…

Most of the time, when you read an article or self-help book on ‘making the most of’ single life, it will say something along the lines of ‘you have so much free time, spend this time on serving at soup kitchens, orphanages’ or even better ‘why not become a missionary?’ And when you’ve done all of that, why not serve the people in your community by babysitting their kids for example, so that they can have a break?’
Now, obviously there is nothing wrong with doing any of the above mentioned things, but when used in this context i have a big problem with it! It assumes that whatever the single person was/is doing already is not enough. When the truth is, this God-loving, God-serving person is in the exact place that God wants him/her to be, and He would love to use him/her right there, in that place. This is an important thing to remember, so that you’re not so busy running around from one volunteer job to another, visiting the whole church community in hospitals or homes, and babysitting every Tom, Dick and Harry’s child when you get back from that trip into Africa, that you completely burn yourself out.
Instead, you could have used all your ‘free time’ to spend time in His word every day, dedicate yourself to the job that God has so graciously blessed you with. Work hard or study hard, to be the best you can be right where you are! THAT is what will bring glory to God! Do everything as if you’re doing it for the Lord … EVERYTHING. Because any job, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, is a gift, has a purpose, and can be used to make a difference, to reach people and to serve the Lord. But that’s not often the ‘advice’ that’s given.

I think it’s easy for single people to look at married people and only see the good things. Company, romance, shared responsibility, shared finances, children, Sunday lunches and family holidays. But we don’t often see the hard work that goes into making it work… The balancing act, the time management, the organising and hard work, the financial responsibilities, etc.
In the same way, sometimes, single people may seem to ‘have it all’ … the freedom, the disposable income, the possibilities and opportunities. But often they forget about the hard times, the financial burden, the ‘who makes me tea when I’M sick’ moments and often the stress of being the only one responsible 100% of the time.

The point is that God created us to serve EACH OTHER. Teach EACH OTHER and help EACH OTHER. Do what you are called to do and gifted to do! Do it responsibly, and do it to the best of your ability. Do not worry about the future, or compare yourself to another, and find a way to be a blessing to the people around you, serving with a happy heart.

If we all do this, if we work and play as if we’re doing it for God, always looking for opportunities to help within our means, we won’t ever have to wonder if it’s enough.

Jo x


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