I can’t get no satisfaction…

Everyone knows Psalm 23: ‘The Lord’s my Shephard, I shall not want…’ But I do want … I want that brownie! So what’s up with that David? What were you talking about?

There’s a big difference between satisfying cravings and being a satisfied human being. We were designed to eat and drink, but we were also designed to be in relationship, and to get all we need emotionally and spiritually from a relationship. 

Unfortunately many people think that their natural desire to be in relationship can be met in other human beings alone, but this obviously leads to two ‘needy’ people ‘feeding’ off each other (I’m not sure if that was the correct choice of words but I’m just going with it) and this situation very often ends in disaster and, extreme, WORST case scenario – abuse!  

There are certain character traits in relationships that are considered ‘bad’ like insecurity and neediness, however, and they most certainly ARE bad, when we direct our neediness and happiness at our partners. They were never created to fulfil such a role, and they might seem to fulfil it for a certain amount of time, but sooner or later they will fail. 

Humans were never, ever, ever, EVER intended to ‘take’ from each other! And when one does take from the other, that’s when the poop hits the fan! But when we look around we see people taking from others all the time! Whether they know it or not they use each other to ‘get over’ previous partners, to satisfy sexual desire, to make them feel beautiful, for money, fame, to get a promotion, to make someone else jealous… The list goes on and on … And if they’re not using people, they’re using substances to make them feel confident, relaxed, as a form of escape, etc! 

This doesn’t mean that feeling needy or wanting intimacy is bad … It just has to be directed at the right thing. Something that will never fail, never change, that will never leave and never disappoint… God! 

It’s only when we look at God that we understand who we were created for, and when we look at JESUS we know who we are in Him! We learn about the life He died for us to have. We can be needy with Him, and He will make us strong! We can take from Him, all that we need for everything we face. We become whole and healthy! Two whole and healthy people, who aren’t taking anything or needing anything from each other, are able to give! And when two people, whole and healthy, are focussed only on giving to each other because they get everything they need from God, that’s when love is at it’s best! 

Easier said than done, I know! But a great place to start I think 🙂

Jo x 


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