Welcome possibilities!

Thank you for checking out my new blog.

I decided to create a separate blog specifically for my posts that are of a spiritual nature. I’ve been writing this kind of stuff in my journal up ’til now, but I thought it could be more helpful to have it online, mostly because i prefer typing to writing by hand and, also, this way more people could possibly be encouraged by them.

So, for my very first post, I’ll fill you in on what’s happened with God and I so far this year…

I normally read the ‘verse of the day’ in the Bible app on my phone every morning and, about 5 days ago, i saw a devotion called ‘One Word to Change Your Life’. Basically, you ask God for one word to focus on for the year… Just one! When you feel you have your one word, you remind yourself of it as much as possible, and can do a little study on it, read verses on it or meditate on it etc, and document it as the year goes on.
The word i felt God give me was ‘Possibility’.
I felt it a rather appropriate word, since this year i’d really like to kick debt in it’s ugly face, which often seems impossible … And keep praying for a man (with a handsome face) who i can one day start a family with … which (most of the time) seems more impossible that the debt thing but, here we are.
They also encourage you to share your word with friends or family, so that they can check up on how you’re doing with it every so often :/

To be honest, in the beginning i felt somewhat hesitant to hop on the ‘anything is possible’ train, in fear of ‘tooting’ along with a smile on my face and wide-eyed expectation, only to start next year off exactly the way i’m starting this year off … single and in debt :/
However … i decided that i’ll give it a go, and worry about dealing with disappointment IF the time actually comes.

So here i go .. off into 2015, reciting ‘Mark-something-something’!
“With God, all things are possible!!”

Eyes wide with expectation and a heart full of hope. *gulp*
(it’s actually Matthew 19:26 – maybe by the end of year i’ll at least have memorised that.)

Jolene x
aka: Jo, Joey, Jo-Jo, Lene, Linky, Links, or ‘Josephinelene’. Don’t ask.




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